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Important Factors to Consider Before Beginning Your Executive Search in EMEA

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As you know, finding the right talent for your team requires careful processing, and the complexity increases when searching in a different global region. Aside from the obvious analysis of qualified candidates, pre-screening, interviews, and onboarding there is the added dimension of hiring internationally. Considering that EMEA represents on average 30% of many global corporations’ revenues, this is a key strategic move.

There are many factors to consider, here are five that some of our clients have used which have led to a smoother path finding the perfect EMEA executive.


1. Create a Search Committee

A search committee with agreed criteria and weighting for the ideal candidate will help iron out biases when it comes to debating and assessing candidates. This group dedicates defined meeting times to analysing credentials & best fit for the position. Our clients have found that best practice has been to appoint a leader to keep the process on track and liaise with the headhunter, generally either in human resources or a regional leader.


The executive search committee allows for transparent and effective communication throughout the search as it provides feedback to make strategic decisions.


2. Set Clear Standards

As mentioned above, agree what ideal looks like before meeting potential suitors. Apart from the basic requirements, our clients have found it useful to take a step back and view the hire in the context of complimenting the existing team of peers within the region and internationally. Setting clear standards gives your search committee an objective base to score candidates.


3. Determine Executive Success Metrics

Besides setting clear standards on credentials candidates should possess, it’s important to have a concrete idea of what results to expect after choosing your executive. In other words, what does success look like in 12 months. As in other regions, EMEA based candidates appreciate having clear objectives.


4. Understand your Company’s Standing in the Region

Perceptions vary from region to region, it’s useful to be aware of any misconceptions or leverage and enhanced standing your organisation in the region, especially compared to the local players. These perceptions may influence candidates’ questions of you during the interview process. We guide our clients here building on our local knowledge of the EMEA marketplace.


5. Know the Marketplace

Speaking of the Marketplace, apart from our guidance, many of our clients benefit from exchanging with our network of peer executives in non-competing sectors which helps them avoid the pitfalls of hiring in EMEA.


Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect fit for your team in EMEA requires attention to detail, research, assessments, and more. Fortunately, we have the tools, experience, team and network to ensure an optimal outcome for your next EMEA search.


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