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Five Steps You Can Use to Help Build Your Employer Brand

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What is your employer branding?

  • The way you market your company to potential candidates and existing staff
  • How do you promote yourself as an employer of choice and attract top talent


Why is it so important for your company?

Most of our senior candidates research the values, employee ratings, and reviews of a potential employer directly, through their network and online prior to making a decision to invest 3-5 years of their career with a potential employer.

Technology industry profiles are the most likely to consider culture and values in their decision to accept or reject a company compared to other industries (Jobvite job seeker nation).


Impact on the bottom line (LinkedIn stats)


1. Evaluate what your business needs

Start by understanding your business goals and future needs. Review your company documents including your mission, vision, goals and values.

What do you currently offer through your people policies and other benefits?


2. Understand what your employees’ value

Once you know your business needs, it’s time to understand why your existing employees love working for you.

Review staff surveys or send a focused pulse survey (Indeed provides some good questions here). Use feedback to get to the heart of what your employees really value.


3. Develop your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Your EVP is a summary of your unique offer to staff. It may include rewards, benefits, incentives, career development opportunities and company culture.

You could also promote your positive impact on the world and the deeper purpose employees can experience. You want to make people feel excited about wanting to come to work for you.


4. Use tools to grow your employer brand

Once you’ve defined an attractive EVP, you’ll want to shout about it. Build a communication plan to reach your existing staff, prospective candidates and customers.

 Ask existing staff to help you with testimonials for your website or by sharing company news on their social media.

Jobvite research shows the top tools to boost your employer brand:

Source: Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report 2021


5. Use your employer brand for recruitment success – communicate your values to differentiate your business

Your employer brand is a powerful recruitment tool. Be sure to include your employer brand throughout the whole recruitment cycle.

Start in your job advert wording, job packs and recruiter briefings to promote your offer. Then continue to include it in your application and selection process. You could include interview questions to reinforce your culture and assess candidate alignment.


Make your employer brand reach the top talent

Making sure your employer brand reaches the top performers in your sector is crucial for successful recruitment.

Solomon Search Partners offers access to an extensive network of specialists in the technology sector. We take the time to get to know your business and promote your brand to candidates.

Let’s talk about how we can promote your brand to the very best talent.


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