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5 Tips to Reduce Your Time to Hire for Successful Recruitment

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Candidates spend an average of 27 days in the hiring process. However, in our experience, the best candidates receive offers within 10 – 14 days.

An efficient hiring process is crucial to winning the quest for top talent. Here, we share 5 tips to help you reduce your time to hire and increase your recruitment success.

Why does reducing time to hire matter?

Unfilled roles lead to a loss of productivity and higher stress on those picking up the slack. The impact on the wider team impacts staff turnover, engagement and profitability – especially when we’re talking about sales talent.

Reducing time to hire improves candidates’ experience. Reducing drop-out rate and increasing the likelihood of an accepted offer.

1. Understand your starting point through recruitment metrics

The first step to reducing your time to hire is understanding your current process. Then you can see where to improve.

Review key recruitment metrics including:

    • Time to hire (from application)
    • Time to fill (from job posting)
    • Application completion rate
    • Time at recruitment stages
    • Candidate attrition

Understanding how to optimise the recruitment process can significantly reduce time to hire while improving efficiency.

2. Use effective job information and promote your employer’s brand

Include clear job requirements and focus on the key skills and experience needed.

It’s still a candidate’s market – (it’s always a candidate’s market for top talent), so emphasise the benefits of working for your company through your employer brand. A great employer brand can result in an impressive 1-2x faster time to hire. See our ‘5 steps to build your employer brand for recruitment success’ blog.

3. Use technology throughout the recruitment process

Recruitment technology is key to improving the hiring performance.

Technology can help you to:

  • Write better job descriptions
  • Review applications
  • Communicate with candidates and conduct interviews

As organisations increase their use of AI it’s crucial to remain competitive – this technology is evolving so fast that by the end of this article there will likely be further enhancements and uses identified.

4. Improve speed and your candidate experience

35% of candidates report a quick process as the main reason for a positive recruitment experience. A positive experience makes candidates more likely to accept a job offer.

Source: Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Report 2022

Only 30% of candidates complete an application process. A more efficient application process decreases your time to hire. Retaining more candidates increases your pool of available candidates. Offer easy application methods and ensure your process is mobile-friendly.

Allow candidates to schedule an interview time directly through calendars (eg Calendly). Offer flexible interview times, and make efficient use of video or telephone interviews.

Don’t delay making a job offer. 70% of job applicants will lose interest in a role if they have not heard back a week after the first interview. Keep candidates updated and make sure your search firm is representing your brand properly by doing the same.

5. Use a trusted recruitment/search specialist

In 2022, the biggest increase in recruitment investment was in engaging external recruiters. According to a CIPD report using external recruiters is one of the top 3 most effective methods for attracting candidates.

An expert Search Partner will reduce your time to hire as you can leverage their knowledge, time and talent network. Hand-picked candidates mean reduced advertising, application and selection time.

Solomon Search Partners offers access to an extensive network of specialists in the technology sector with access to passive candidates who are not actively looking but who are open to a move for the right opportunity.

If your business wants to unearth the best available talent, then let’s talk about how we can help you reduce your time to hire for recruitment success.


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